Scholarship Support

We Lead By Example

We understand that the most compelling force that inspires someone to take action is knowing that the possibility for success and achievement is tangible. We are creating Afrodescendant and Indigenous leaders who will break barriers and provide the impetus for an entire community to see, pursue, and achieve their goals.

We Give Back To Our Communities

TalentoTotal strives to inculcate the values of selfless service and community development. Fellows are encouraged and expected to return to their communities and provide the inspiration, training, and leadership necessary to develop the next generation. The long-term success of the TalentoTotal mission is directly dependent upon reinvestment in local communities.

We Empower Our Communities

We believe that empowerment stems from self-awareness and builds upon leading by example and giving back to our communities. Each fellow will act as an inspirational force multiplier for their nations and societies. Our fellows will go on to provide the purpose, direction, and motivation to inspire the next generation of Afro-Latinx an |ikk0d Indigenous leaders.

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Miami, FL 33130
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Av. Alm. Silvio de Noronha, 365
Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20021-010

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