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The Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice and TalentoTotal are partnering in the TotalLAW Prep Program (LLM), a collaborative effort engaging law firms, bar associations, law schools, and pro bono clearinghouses to increase diversity and inclusion in the legal profession across the Americas and Europe. TotalLAW Prep (LLM) is designed to create a broad and ethnically diverse leadership pipeline of highly talented Afro-Descendant and Indigenous (ADI) lawyers.

The TotalLAW Prep Program (LLM) selects up to 24 Candidates among ADI law school students in their last year and recent graduates from countries in Latin America and Europe. Through the TotalLAW Prep Program, the Vance Center and TalentoTotal provide aspiring legal professionals with 12 months of personalized guidance and support to apply to a Master of Laws (LLM) program in the United States, Canada, or Europe and pursue professional opportunities in global law firms, institutions, non-profit organizations, and corporations.

Each TotalLAW Prep Candidate is paired with a TalentoTotal Coach, a lawyer in the candidate’s home country who earned an LLM at a top-tier program.

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Selection Process

The TotalLAW Prep Program is a selective program that considers high potential Afro-descendant and Indigenous (ADI) candidates through a rigorous application and interview process that evaluates each candidate’s professional experience, values, intellectual capacity, ethical foundation, and motivation to succeed.

Afro-descendant and Indigenous

The TotalLAW Prep Program selects ADI Candidates with a strong sense of self-awareness and a demonstrated commitment to ADI communities. We expect each Candidate to become a leader of character and a trailblazer within the public and private sectors.

Multi-disciplinary Approach

We select Candidates from a wide range of professional backgrounds and disciplines. We are focused on where you are going and how your past experiences can accelerate your journey, encouraging the pursuit of a professional path that is aligned with your passion, goals, and capabilities.


We seek candidates who aspire to become leaders within global law firms, institutions, non-profit organizations, corporations, and entrepreneurial ventures. Your potential is a fundamental driver within our selection process. We intend to grow with you, harnessing your potential to achieve collective success.

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