TotalMBA Prep

Competence. Confidence. Courage.

The TotalMBA Prep Program provides aspiring ADI young professionals with the coaching and resources to successfully navigate the MBA application process and secure admission to a top-tier business school. TotalMBA Prep selects ADI young professionals from around the world with at least one year of post-undergraduate work experience.

Through the TotalMBA Prep Program and the TalentoTotal GMAT Boot Camp, TalentoTotal provides aspiring young professionals with 12 months of personalized guidance, free GMAT preparation, and support to apply to an MBA program in the United States or Europe and pursue professional leadership opportunities in organizations worldwide.

Each TotalMBA Prep Candidate is paired with a TalentoTotal coach who earned an MBA from an elite Business School in the U.S. or Europe, who will help you develop your own winning game plan and a competitive application. You will benefit from TalentoTotal’s extraordinary insight, experience, and global relationships.


Average Age

at top MBA Programs in
the United States for incoming students


Career Switchers

% of all students report switching careers by changing job/industry


Average Number

average MBA student at top business schools have 4-5 years of experience



% women's MBA enrollment (2023) with five programs achieving gender parity

The Value of an MBA

The skills gained in an MBA program can set you up for success — and organizations recognize the value of hiring MBA graduates. According to a report from Statista, in 2021, 97 percent of surveyed companies hired MBA graduates, up from 80 percent in 2020 and 50 percent in 2009. The data for 2022 is on track to yield similar results, with a projected 92 percent of companies hiring MBA talent. This demand for employees with MBAs shows in employment rates of 2022 business school graduates: 86 percent were employed at the time of graduation, according to a report by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC).

Our Selection Process

Growth. Resilience. Integrity. Tenacity.

Ideation & Discovery

Test Preparation
Admissions Prep
Career Support
Support Network
Professional Development
One-on-One Coaching

TotalMBA Prep Coaches are ready to provide you with the professional guidance and help that you need to highlight your unique background and craft a strong application for b-school. Access mentors who support you through formal and informal guidance to build your skills, professional qualities, and confidence for advancement in your career. Gain exposure to TalentoTotal’s network of accomplished professionals, strategic allies, and corporate partners. Connect with mentors and sponsors that provide access to opportunities.

Career Fields

Insanely great people

TalentoTotal consistently looks for and develops elite talent, discovering and creating value in often overlooked places around the world.

Afro-descendant and Indigenous (ADI)

The TotalMBA Prep Program selects ADI candidates with a strong sense of self-awareness and a demonstrated commitment to their communities. We expect each candidate to become a leader of character and a trailblazer within public and private sector leadership.

Multi-disciplinary Approach

We select candidates from a wide range of professional backgrounds and disciplines. We are focused on where you are going and how your past experiences can accelerate your journey, encouraging the pursuit of a professional path that is aligned with your passion and goals.

Leadership Potential

We seek candidates who aspire to become leaders within
corporations, entrepreneurial ventures, and organizations. Your
potential is a fundamental driver within our selection process.
We intend to grow with you, harnessing your potential to achieve collective success.