Strong mental and moral qualities are the foundation of TalentoTotal.  We seek leaders of character who are self-aware and committed to the development of their communities.

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We create pathways to success for Afro-Latinx and Indigenous high potential leaders by harnessing the positive shift towards more inclusive policies and initiatives in Brazil and Colombia.


we empower future leaders

We understand that a nation's true potential lies within its human capital. TalentoTotal seeks to discover, support, mentor, and mold young talent into transformational leadership across Latin America.


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TalentoTotal is comprised of Diversity Champions from the private sector, government, higher education, and non-governmental organizations (NGO) all working towards the realization of each nation's full potential.

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Afro-Descendant and Indigenous (ADI) communities have limited access to graduate education opportunities within Latin America, and less so in the United States. To assist high potential ADI young professionals in overcoming systemic and institutional obstacles rooted in the socioeconomic foundations of Colombia and Brazil, TalentoTotal aims to recruit, mentor, and provide the unique support necessary to enter and succeed at elite universities in the United States.

TalentoTotal intends to increase the number of emerging ethnic leaders pursuing graduate studies (mestrado/maestría) in the United States through a rigorous 8-month program that provides a professional roadmap and a world-class support network. TalentoTotal works closely with the private sector, government agencies, higher education institutions, and non-governmental organizations across the Americas to provide graduate study opportunities in the United States for emerging ethnic minorities who are committed to becoming high-impact leaders in their respective nations.

>54% (~112 million)

of Brazil's population is Afro-descendant (Black or Mixed Race)

*World's 5th most populous country (~208 million)
*São Paulo is the most populous city in the Americas (>22 million)

Black, mixed-race (pardo), and indigenous representation in Brazil's 500 largest companies

Black, mixed-race (mestizo), and indigenous representation in Colombia's general labor market

>14-30% (~7-15 million)*

of Colombia's population is Afro-descendant and/or Indigenous

*World's 28th most populous country (~50 million)
*Bogotá is the 4th most populous city in the Americas (>9 million)
*Colombia's Afro-Colombian population has historically been undercounted. The 1993 Census reported that Afro-Colombians represented 1.5% of the total population while the 2005 Census reported that Afro-Colombians represented 10.6%. Some demographers believe the true number is 26%, which would give Colombia the third-largest black population in the Americas, after Brazil and the United States.

Our Challenge

Talent fulfillment is a collective effort

Ensuring that our fellow citizens can become capable and productive members of society is fundamental to the notion of national progress. We realize that for our respective countries to move forward we must provide opportunities to those communities that have not been afforded the access and privilege of pursuing their personal and professional goals.


By collectively leveraging our experience and presence across the Americas we are able to harness the support, relationships, and resources required to build a thriving leadership and talent pipeline. With offices in Bogotá (Colombia), São Paulo (Brasil), and Miami-Fort Lauderdale (United States), we operate at the nexus of the educational, cultural, political, and economic centers of Latin America.  

Our proximity allows us to focus on the key areas of economic, geographic, and cultural interest that are relevant to our mission and the Afro-Latino and Indigenous communities we empower. Reach out to our local offices throughout the region to learn how you and your organization can start collaborating with TalentoTotal and take action today!

Building an identity through affinity groups

Self-awareness is a fundamental characteristic of a TalentoTotal fellow. Understanding who you are, where you are going, and what barriers you are destined to scale is a driver for success and achievement.

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Collaborating with government agencies

Finding synergies between organizations is imperative to successful execution and achieving the full potential of individuals and sponsoring programs. TalentoTotal seeks to provide the network, roadmap, and coaching necessary to maximize ROI.

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Success Stories

The TalentoTotal team works closely with our partners throughout Brazil, Colombia, and the United States. We are thrilled to share their stories and progress focused on empowering their organizations and teams.

Find out who is leading the way in the Diversity and Inclusion space throughout Brazil, Colombia, and greater Latin America.

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SHARE THE Stories that matter

Sharing the Diversity & Inclusion conversation

Connecting with those who share your experience, while engaging others outside of your network and comfort zone is essential to developing empathy and understanding.

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